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Karla Gallegos was born and raised in the heart of Dallas, TX. She began her green-thumb journey with the love for growing organic edible gardens through community service projects. Karla found herself working at HG Sply Co. and began to volunteer her free-time to take care of their rooftop greenery. A few plants soon grew into a full herb and vegetable garden that still thrives today and has given HG its signature aesthetic.


Through her work in the HG rooftop garden, Karla was able to take over other UNCO Management brands, company parties, and pop-up events, creating brand-specific horticulture designs and gardens. Her passion and skills for perfectly pairing plants with certain spaces and styles opened up even more design opportunities as UNCO Management expanded to Fort Worth, Heath, and Trophy Club.

Karla maintains her gardens and plant curations with UNCO Management and she established The Planting Hand in 2019, opening up her first storefront in 2022. She is excited to share her love of all things green with everyone!

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In 2019, The Planting Hand grew its name by curating plants and horticulture designs for all UNCO Management concepts. By partnering up with brands like HG Sply Co. to develop rooftop gardens and Standard Service to launch the Staple Goods Market, The Planting Hand came to life and began selling plant life and good vibe essentials for the first time. 

In 2021, The Planting Hand opened its first brick and mortar location in the Dallas, TX neighborhood of Lower Greenville with hopes to inspire a passion for plants and teach the importance of nurturing the green in everyones life. 

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